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If you are in pain and want hands-on drug free help, we are here for you.

At Movement for Health we are here to assist you wherever your pain is. Whether the pain is in your back, neck, shoulder or general joints, we can help with a variety of health issues. Osteopathy can help with headaches, assist with recovery from injuries, and help with issues resulting from poor posture.

You may have a minor issue such as struggling daily with putting your socks on or you may need support preparing for a sporting activity such as running a marathon! We are here for you no matter how large or small the issue!

Our experienced and professional Osteopaths are passionate about caring for you and your family’s health. We will initially undertake a full and thorough consultation and examination where we listen and assess your individual needs. Followed by the provision of a treatment plan that will achieve reduction of your pain, correction of the underlying cause and prevention of recurrent episodes. Many people find that by having regular adjustments their overall health and well-being noticeably improves.


New Patient

A warm and friendly welcome is guaranteed at Movement for Health whether it’s your first time visiting us or your hundredth!


What we Treat

Osteopathy is not just about bones or backs, as most people believe. We treat the whole body to ensure it is functioning effectively.


Meet the Team

In our friendly and caring environment our passion is to educate and empower those in our thriving community.


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Our Osteopaths are fully trained, registered and are here to help you so please get in touch today.





Movement for Health


Here’s some of our reviews

I was in a lot of pain

I was in a lot of pain and had tried everything. Since coming here I have been able to get back to playing golf and going to the gym, which considering I could barely walk before, I see as a huge improvement. I can’t thank Verity enough, she is always very friendly which provides a great atmosphere for treatment and recovery.


I came here in really bad pain

I came here in really bad pain from my neck and back. Straight away after my first session with Verity I started to feel better. After my treatment plan I now come on a regular basis to maintain my health and would recommend osteopathy to others!


I have been seeing Verity for a few weeks now

I have been seeing Verity for a few weeks now, I was in so much pain with my back and she has worked wonders for me! Can’t recommend enough.