Pre- and post-natal for women and babies

Throughout pregnancy incredible changes occur to a woman’s body in order to allow the baby to develop and grow.

Sometimes with these changes both physically and hormonally other painful symptoms can arise. Osteopaths have a thorough training on anatomy, biomechanics of the body and foetal development, this combination makes Osteopathy a safe and effective form of treatment during these times.

There are a variety of techniques in an Osteopaths tool kit and quite often the treatment of pregnant women is gentle in approach.

Post-natal treatment is also effective. Some symptoms from pregnancy will disappear when baby arrives but sometimes mothers need a little help recovering from the birth and the new pains brought on from changing posture when caring, feeding and holding their new-born.

New mothers can go through their life thinking their pain is normal, but it is not. Osteopaths can help.

In the treatment of babies and infants the typical form of treatment and technique we use is cranial osteopathy. This is a very gentle subtle technique which is widely used on babies, as they are young with little trauma they usually respond well and quickly to treatment.

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