Neck pain and headaches

Problems can arise days, weeks or even months after an event.

An acute presentation may be as a result of sleeping awkwardly, having woken one morning with pain in our neck, this will usually resolve on its own to some degree but even a small issue like that can be helped along with some treatment.

 A more chronic presentation may be as a result from weeks or months of doing the same thing. 

Our heads are pretty heavy, in fact about 5 kilos of heavy.

If we are in ‘perfect’ alignment, we don’t feel the affects of where the forces from our head translate through our body, however if we alter the position of our head i.e. forward – ‘text neck’, we then change where the forces from the weight of our head are felt through the body.

Ultimately we are asking structures on our neck and shoulders to do things that they are not designed to do, small muscles that are designed for fine movement are then being used as strong postural muscles which causes chronic tension, pain, tension or cervicogenic headaches and so on.

If you are concerned with your posture or have any symptoms relating to your head or neck, please get in touch with us and book an appointment today.

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