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When I first came to see Verity I was having real trouble walking due to back and knee trouble. After a number of sessions I am able to walk more freely, and in less pain, therefore I have been able to cut out a lot of pain medication.


I had a lower back injury from work which was causing me discomfort doing day to day tasks. Pilates was recommended to me which certainly helped but wasn’t curing the pain. I was dubious about using Osteopathy as I didn’t like the ‘clicks’! Verity was recommended to me and she has been brilliant, very friendly, polite and informative. She put me at ease and told me exactly what she was going to do before doing anything. I felt relaxed and reassured she could answer my questions (I had a lot!). Since seeing Verity I am definitely experiencing less lower back pain and would definitely encourage others to book in with her. Thanks Verity.


I am a 54 year old, overweight lady, I have suffered lower back pain on and off for over ten years. It would come and go sometimes leaving me bed bound. My self- treatment would be pain killers, I would take everything available over the counter along with gels and sprays. I decided it was time to look for an alternative otherwise I feared for my mobility in older age. I was pleased to have the availability of a female osteopath and I couldn’t have been more relieved with the welcome and treatment I received from Verity. After just 2 months I had improved movement and week on week this continued to improve. I was also pleased to discover that when I now take part in anything that would have normally set my back off- i.e. long walks, standing for over 3 hours, activity with the grandchildren, whilst I may feel an ache immediately afterwards, it soon passes and my body seems to recover itself without reverting to my old pattern. I can only summarise this is done to the ‘corrections’ that Verity has achieved on my back.

I would highly recommend osteopathy to anyone with joint pain, muscle pain, and lack of movement, my work colleagues have noticed the difference in me and I have no hesitation in recommending the same for them along with family and friends.

Think of the cost as an investment in your future, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Verity. I intend to continue with regular maintenance visits.


I have been visiting Verity for 3 months as I had severe back pain which was affecting my home and work life. I was having to take pain killers regularly and this was getting me down. I’ve had brilliant results as my back pain is now gone and I’m off all pain relief. I’m even able to get out in the garden with my son and kick a football about pain free much to his delight. I would highly recommend osteopath treatment as its massively helped me!


Before my appointment I was suffering with a lot of pain and unable to do simple things like picking up my children and tying shoe laces. I has had osteo before for some minor problems so I decided to give it a go for this too. I had an initial assessment at the first appointment and then normal sessions. I found Verity friendly, professional and caring. After the first adjustment I felt much better and was smiling for the first time. It has taken some time but I am now starting to feel stronger and more physically able. I have returned to my yoga classes and I can finally get out of bed easily on a morning. A miracle!!


I was immediately made to feel relaxed when I attended my appointment with Verity the Osteopath. Verity explained the process to me thoroughly. I had an initial assessment appointment and the next appointment allowed for us to talk through the problems and recommended treatment programme. I cannot stress enough how incredible I feel since receiving osteopathy treatments. Almost immediately my back felt freer and the pain in my hip reduced. Several treatments in and my yoga practice is greatly improved and almost back to what it was before the injury.

I didn’t know much about osteopathy other than it offered a holistic, drug free approach to treatment of certain injuries. I would not hesitate to recommend osteopathy to others, I’ve persuaded my husband to return for more treatments.

Give it a try – you will not be disappointed!


Since coming to see Verity with a tight back my back is feeling much better and looser. I’m able to get back in the gym and do the things I want to do without any pain or tightness. I’d highly recommend osteopathy to anyone suffering with back pain. Verity has been very helpful, professional and knowledgeable.


I made an appointment to see Verity after I had spent months complaining about several different areas of pain. On my first visit I was made to feel immediately welcome and comfortable about the treatment I was being offered. Verity was always very clear about the steps we would be taking to try and reduce my discomfort. Not only has the majority of my pain been relieved, Verity has also improved my posture and other habits to help prevent any further discomfort. I am able to start participating in sports once again and would highly recommend osteopathy for those suffering similar issues.


I cannot recommend osteopathy enough! It is the only treatment that gives me relief from my neck, shoulder and back pain. When I commenced treatment with Verity I was in extreme pain and anxious that it may never go. Now I know and trust that whenever I have flare up, I will get relief and the pain will ease. I was recommended Verity and I am so grateful to her. Not only does she have ‘magic hands’ as I say, which help my pain, she is also like a therapist- listening to my moans and grumbles before reminding me of the positives, making me laugh and having a good old chat! Verity I can’t thank you enough for being an amazing osteopath and for always being friendly, smiling, supportive, caring, a great listener and just lovely overall! I advise everyone to try osteopathy!


I have been seeing Verity for a few weeks now, I was in so much pain with my back and she has worked wonders for me! Can’t recommend enough.


I have been seeing Verity since September 2018, she has helped me a lot with my health and wellbeing. I came for osteopathy treatment due to being involved in a motorbike accident. I knew it would be a long slow journey into recovery but with each treatment with Verity slowly but surely I have seen vast improvements with my body. I always leave feeling relieved and happy after each treatment and recommend Verity as a true professional and friendly warm osteopath to help you with your health and wellbeing. Thank you Verity.


The service is impeccable, I have been treated by Verity, she is a miracle worker, when I went in with my sciatica I could barely walk let alone sit or lay down comfortably. Within 3 weeks she had me back walking and I felt as strong as an Ox again. Verity even got my back strong and walking again after injuring myself while in my fourth week of treatment, I was back to pain free within 3 weeks. I would thoroughly recommend Verity. You can’t put a price on health and what I have paid for my service is worth every single penny as I honestly thought I may never walk again!!!! Thank you Verity


I was in a lot of pain and had tried everything. Since coming here I have been able to get back to playing golf and going to the gym, which considering I could barely walk before, I see as a huge improvement. I can’t thank Verity enough, she is always very friendly which provides a great atmosphere for treatment and recovery.”


I came here in really bad pain from my neck and back. Straight away after my first session with Verity I started to feel better. After my treatment plan I now come on a regular basis to maintain my health and would recommend osteopathy to others!


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