Conditions we treat

Osteopathy isn’t just about bones or backs, as most people believe. We treat the whole body to ensure it is functioning effectively.


Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common it is said that 80% of people will suffer with back pain at some point in their lives.


Headaches are very common but severe and lasting headaches can be a cause for concern and should be seen to. 

Neck Pain

Problems can arise days, weeks or even months after an event. An acute presentation may be as a result of sleeping awkwardly.

Shoulder / Arm pain

Shoulder pain can not only come from the joint itself but also from surrounding structures that it directly connects to.

Pre- and post-natal

Throughout pregnancy incredible changes occur to a woman’s body in order to allow the baby to develop and grow.


The low back or lumbar area of the spine allows us to have a great range of movement ie. bending forwards.

Some of the other common conditions that patients come in with include:


General aches and pains

Osteoarthritic joint pain

Frozen shoulder

Muscle tension

Sports injuries


Muscle spasms and cramps

Inability to relax

Movement for Health