1. Please arrive as close as possible to your appointment time, ideally no more than 5 minutes early
  2. Face covering MUST be worn throughout the clinic, in reception and during your appointment, covering both nose and mouth
  3. All patients are asked to use the hand sanitiser provided or wash hands upon arrival
  4. We will take your temperature using an infra-red non contact thermometer upon arrival
  5. On your first visit you may be asked some screening questions relating to Coronavirus prior to your appointment
  6. Your practitioner will use single use paper barriers on the treatment couch, aprons, gloves and type IIR facemasks
  7. Diligent disinfecting of the couch and contact areas will be cleaned after each patient and areas possibly exposed to aspirants in the treatment rooms
  8. Our entry, reception and toilet will be cleaned regularly
  9. We encourage patients to attend alone, however if assistance is needed they of course will also have access but we ask they minimise their time spent in the clinic where possible
  10. Wherever possible please pay using either contactless or card instead of cash
  11. While we are taking every precaution to limit your exposure to coronavirus, we cannot guarantee that there is no risk as a result of attending our clinic for treatment. We will request and record your verbal and written consent in the treatment notes
  12. Should you receive a positive PCR test within 14 days following your appointment, please notify the clinic directly