Back pain and sciatica

Back pain is extremely common it is said that 80% of people will suffer with back pain at some point in their lives and accounts for a vast number of sick days off work with the second most common reason someone will go to see their GP and during these difficult when the NHS is overstretched there is limitations to what your doctor can do other than to initially provide medication for pain relief.

The low back or lumbar area of the spine allows us to have a great range of movement i.e. bending forwards to touch our toes, twisting, arching backwards, picking something up from the floor, therefore, in order to allow this movement, there is a degree of instability which can lead to injury. It could be you bent to pick up a pen and ‘bang, my back just went!’ Backs don’t just ‘go’ there is always a bigger story that leads to the picture presenting us today. It may also be that you’re not sure when it started and that’s the result of tension and strain patterns being created over weeks, months or even years. Either way 9 times out of 10 we can help.


Whether it is a little niggle or a sharp pain or even a shooting pain down the leg there can be lots of reasons why this happens and a vast majority of them are down to our every day lifestyle factors, such as sitting for too long, incorrect lifting, poor posture, unsupportive beds, pillows or chairs, pregnancy, ‘wear and tear’, stress both physically and emotionally, trauma….the list can go on! The reason for the pain from these factors could be strained muscles, ruptured disc’s, inflamed or restricted joints, or trigger points.

Research has shown that Osteopathy is an effective form of treatment for both acute low back pain and chronic low back pain.

Osteopathy re-establishes normal function within the body by adjusting it to restore normal motion to the spine and its surrounding structures.

If you are concerned with any symptom you are having relating to your back, hips/buttock or legs please get in touch with us and book an appointment today.

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